54mm resin miniature, without base, with profile and template cards (in French – Downloadable in English here).
Sculpture and Painting : E. Pontié.

Rotumah has more than one asset in her shell... Not only can she strafe enemy lines, but she also holds up very well at the front, as her natural armour is so robust.
Coming from a long line of land turtles that the Exiled's descendants have trained to use firearms from a very young age, the Gun Turtles are formidable opponents and important allies!
Rotumah is one of the only two Briskars miniatures to be played without a base.

Miniature sold unassembled and unpainted.

Availability: order before 2PM and we will send it on the day (outside week-ends and bank holidays).

26,00€ inc. tax

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