54mm resin Colossus on an 80mm textured base and profile card (in French – Downloadable in English here).
Sculpture and painting: Emmanuel Pontié.

An atypical profile and very fun to play, since this mountain of muscles, unhappy in love, has fallen into alcohol for the eyes of the beautiful one who left him. In this state of inebriation, he has a hard time fighting, so the rules are reversed for him: successes become failures and his opponents defend themselves with 2 dice!
But don't underestimate him, because he has the ability to chain up to nine sword strikes in a row, and his thrust can be truly devastating.
In any case, he will bring a lot of surprises and fun to the tables.

A detail that is important: you can see him on these pictures with a barrel and a bucket on his base, they are not provided with the miniature, this piece had been presented and awarded at the Octogônes painting contest in 2017, so I had "dressed" his original base to stage it. These two elements are available separately in the "buckets" and "barrels" references.

Miniature sold unassembled and unpainted.


Availability: order before 2PM and we will send it on the day (outside week-ends and bank holidays).

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Colossus Mercenaries