Mercenaries Starter

1 54mm resin miniature on and 80mm textured base, 3 54mm resin miniatures on a 40mm texturedbase and their profile cards (in French – Downloadable in English), 1D10, 1 ruler.

Availability: order before 2PM and we will send it on the day (outside week-ends and bank holidays).

69,00€ inc. tax

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The ideal Pack to start the Mercenary faction, it contains everything you need to learn to play Briskars and the miniatures to play directly in 400 GC.
This pack includes:
Rutor, an imposing miniature on a base of 80 mm, it has special rules that you will discover in the book "BRISKARS Season 2: The Awakening of the Abyss" (not yet available in English).
Bonnie Heart, charming band leader whose reputation is second to none on any sea of ​​Anthropia.
Baxter, a sturdy fellow who loves his studded bat and earns his living as a physiognomist or embarks alongside the Beautiful Captain to protect her.
1 Day Laborer 1, in a more dynamic new pose.

Miniatures sold unmounted and unpainted.
English profile cards can be found in the download section.

Mercenaries Starter