Black Guild Collector Pack

3 x 54mm resin miniatures, 2 x 50mm textures base, 1 x 40mm textured bases and 5 profile cards in English. Basic rules in 56 pages (in French – Downloadable in English).

This Collector pack, limited to 250 copies holds:

  • 1 Bharbhatos miniature, its 40mm base, level and spell cards.
  • 1 Mathys miniature, its 50mm base, level, strategy and equipment cards.
  • 1 Gakere miniature, its 50mm base and level card.
  • A French rulebook of 56 pages (without the equipment and spells cards, fluff and galeries) A6 format which can be downloaded in English here.
  • 1 D10.
  • 1 ruler in toises.

Mathys' crew is one of the most notorious threats to King-Khârns from the Black Guild of Bois-Sombres. In this exclusive pack you will find 3 of its members:
Mathys, the thinking head who shines as much by his presence as by his ingenuity;
Bharbathos, one of the few male Fangs to have grasped osteomancy, probably one of the reasons why he preferred to join the Guild rather than become a target for power-hungry sisters;
Gakere, a fallen champion of his tribe, this Goûn has made the Guild his new family, he follows his leader in all battles and wields haste weapons like very few on Safar.

Miniatures sold unmounted and unpainted.

Availability: order before 2PM and we will send it on the day (outside week-ends and bank holidays).

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