Fang Starter Pack

4 x 54mm resin miniatures, 4 x 40mm textured bases and 9 profile cards in English. Basic rules in 56 pages (in French – Downloadable in English).

Availability : the containment imposed by the state has led to the closure of post offices around our company, the delivery of orders will be made as soon as they reopen.

69,00€ 51,75€ inc. tax

This Starter holds:

  • 2 first Minion miniatures, 2 40mm base and 2 level cards.
  • 1 first Greedy miniature, its 40mm base, 2 level cards and strategy card.
  • 1 Enforcer miniature, its 40mm base, 3 level cards and strategy card.
  • A French rulebook of 56 pages (without the equipment and spells cards, fluff and galeries) A6 format which can be downloaded in English here.
  • 2 D10.
  • 1 ruler in toises.

Miniatures sold unmounted and unpainted.

Starter Fangs